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Foreword from the Chairperson:

The Kyoto Synthetic Resins Study Group (established in 1948), is an organization dedicated to enhance the cross-industrial exchanges of companies and engineers who are engaged in synthetic resins and organic materials in the Kansai region centering on Kyoto.
Whilst the Group conducts research related to the improvement and promotion of synthetic resins and organic materials, another objective is to actively promote technical exchanges amongst members.
Technical seminars and tours are also organized to promote advanced technologies. Furthermore, individual project team members within the Group (“Nanzokosaeru kai”) regularly meet to create new products.
The Group aims to be proactive in this area.

Miyamoto Kenji (Chairperson),
(MIYAMOTO Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.).

Kyoto Synthetic Resins Study Group information.

Established: June 26th, 1948.
Number of members: 12 ordinary members,
18 supporting members,
6 special members and a staff

Each year, numerous meetings are held to promote our objectives. Typically, there is one committee meeting per annum and one general meeting related to tours. Two seminars and one tour will be organized focusing on cutting-edge plastic-related technical topics to improve the technical capabilities of member companies.

Additionally, the polymer team also holds “Nanzokosaeru kai” in which the team looks to improve manufacturing processes with the cooperation of member companies. As a result of such meetings, the polymer team has commercialized a new material, “Oribekko”, which is a composite comprising a Nishijin woven fabric and acrylic resin. The website itself is also an additional achievement of the “Nanzokosaeru kai”, and furthermore, the polymer team has created a Q&A format website for the purpose of attracting new customers for member companies.

How to join us: We are currently recruiting new members.
Please read the following terms and apply by email or fax in the application form.

Cooperation with Kyoto Monodzukuri Cooperative Association:

 The Kyoto Monodzukuri Cooperative Association aims to develop the business of its members through, for example, mutual technical exchanges through closer collaboration between the industrial world and the Kyoto City Industrial Technology Research Institute, as well as a diverse range of traditional to advanced Kyoto industries. The mission of the Association is to promote the development of Kyoto industries.
As a member of the Kyoto Monozukuri Cooperative Association, the Kyoto Synthetic Resin Study Group is working in collaboration with other study groups.

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