“Product development beyond your imagination”. Yokoi offers a delivery ratio of >70%. Yokoi plans and manufactures high-performance and high-efficiency plastic parts for automobiles and automated office equipment, and boasts having the most state-of-the-art molds and molding technology at a competitive cost.



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TEL 0774-41-2681(代)

Yokoi has succeeded in developing high thermal conductivity plastics. By enabling plastics to radiate heat, Yokoi can provide inexpensive parts instead of metals.

Q & A

  • 寸法精度の高い射出成形品を得ることはできないか?
    • 射出成形品の精度は成形材料の選定、金型の冷却回路や金型の構造・ゲート位置の最適設定、成形条件でほぼ決まります。最適な成形品を得るための事前打ち合わせで詳細を決定し提案致します。
  • 射出成形~後加工まで行うことで、より高精密な樹脂製品を得ることはできないか?
    • 射出成形の後加工として、外径研磨・NC旋盤のよる加工等が挙げられます。長尺物の外径振れ精度は後加工することにより10μオーダーで可能になります。当社では紙幣搬送用ローラーの後加工では10μ以下での加工を行っております。
  • プラスチックで放熱させる事は出来ないか?
    • 高熱伝導率(最大30W/K)の材料開発に成功しました。プラスチックの特徴である高ふく射と合わせて放熱効果を高めています。用途により最適な材料提案も可能です。

Q & A

  • Is it possible to obtain injection molded products with highly accurate measurements?
    • The accuracy of our injection-molded products is typically determined by the choice of molding material, the optimal mold cooling circuit, structure and gate position, and molding conditions. Details will be determined and proposed in advance to obtain the optimal molded product.
  • Can a more precise resin product be obtained by switching from injection molding to post-processing?
    • Post-processing after injection molding is, for example, similar to outer diameter polishing and numerical control (NC) lathe processing. The outer diameter runout accuracy of long objects can be achieved on the order of 10 μm, by post-processing. Post-processing of banknote transport rollers is performed at 10 μm, or less at Yokoi.
  • Is it possible to radiate heat from plastics?
    • Yokoi has succeeded in developing a material with a high thermal conductivity (up to 30 W/K). Combined with the high radiation characteristics of plastic, the heat dissipation effect is enhanced. Optimal material proposals are possible depending on the application.